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Sales and Purchases Real Estate Agent, Veldhoven and Eindhoven

Janssen Steijlen helps expatriates buy and sell homes in the Veldhoven and Eindhoven regions. We act as a sales and purchases real estate agent and you can approach us in respect of both existing and development project dwellings. In addition, we specialise in assisting expatriates. For years now we have been a partner of the Holland Expat Centre and have since helped a great number of expatriates in their search for or with the sale of a home. This is why we regularly organise information afternoons together with the Holland Expat Centre and guided bus tours to help expatriates find their way around the Eindhoven region.



Janssen Steijlen

If you are planning to buy a house for the first time in the Netherlands or if you wish to sell your home, you have come to the right place here at Janssen Steijlen. We are a small firm run by Jac Janssen and Freek Steijlen. They are assisted by Gamze Yelaldi and Nicole Kooiman. Thanks to years of experience, we know exactly what the sale or purchase of a home involves, which legislation and regulations are applicable and the tax regulations which you will contend with. This is why we can readily help you with everything. It is not for nothing that our comprehensive services may be described as passionate, authentic, hospitable and honest.

About the purchase of a home…

What can Janssen Steijlen do for you when purchasing a new home?

  • We work exclusively for you and not for the seller.
  • We can help you find the appropriate home which satisfies all of your requirements.
  • We often know when a dwelling will be up for sale before others.
  • We can schedule your viewing appointments.
  • We are familiar with the residential property market in Eindhoven and Veldhoven, and can tell you everything about the specific points for consideration and developments within the various neighbourhoods.
  • We can assess the structural condition of a dwelling and arrange for a building inspection to be carried out if we deem it necessary to do so.
  • We can prepare an appraisal of the market value of a dwelling.
  • We can help you fill in the legally required forms when purchasing a home.
  • We are tough negotiators when it comes to a purchase.
  • We can help you draw up a purchase contract and schedule notarial appointments.
  • We can check the legal aspects of the purchase of a home.
  • We can help you carry out the final inspection on the date of transfer.
  • We can answer all of your questions in English.

About the sale of a home…

Would you like to sell your current home? The following represents a number of the types of work which Janssen Steijlen can do for you if you engage us:

  • We can determine the value of your home and then decide together with you what your asking price will be;
  • We can help you prepare for a sale, such as collecting the requisite documents;
  • We can help you stage a contemporary sales presentation. In this respect you might consider photographs (360 degrees or otherwise), video, virtual reality, 2D or 3D floor plans, an NEN 2580 dimensional report and a brochure;
  • We can develop a smart marketing campaign utilising Funda and our own website. In addition, you may also consider social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn;
  • We can organise viewings;
  • We can conduct negotiations concerning the price with potential purchasers;
  • We can draw up a sales contract for you;
  • We can help you carry out the final inspection and with the transfer of ownership through a notary;
  • We can provide after-sales services for you.

Contact us

If you are planning to settle in Eindhoven or Veldhoven in the near future or if you would like to sell your current home and are looking for an honest, reliable partner, contact Janssen Steijlen. We look forward to telling you all about our services and to inviting you to an introductory meeting with us in our office or your home free of charge.

Your future home?

VELDHOVEN Kromstraat 65A
Prijs € 709.000 ,- k.k
BUDEL De Akkerwinde 23
Prijs € 335.000 ,- k.k
HELMOND Abendonk 36
Prijs € 1.295.000 ,- k.k

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